TechOne Centre provides comprehensive preventative maintenance programs, off-site encrypted data backup, email hosting and other services to keep your technology working for your business or school. We work proactively to minimize the need for support (and the hassle and downtime that goes with it), while providing rapid response support when it becomes necessary.

Downtime :: Zero

TechOne Centre’s Downtime::Zero service combines two great benefits: predictable fixed IT costs and high reliability. Downtime::Zero is available to customers whose systems are implemented by TechOne Centre’s Managed IT Plus services. It includes periodic preventative maintenance on managed systems, combined with support via email, phone, remote access, and on-site.

Downtime :: Tier2

Downtime::Tier2 is the perfect solution for IT departments with limited or no in-house Apple expertise. For a predictable and fixed annual cost, TechOne Centre provides highly qualified Apple technical expertise for helpdesk and other technical issues. Support is provided via email, phone, remote access, and on-site.

Safe :: Cloud Backup

Your data is the most valuable asset in IT TechOne Centre’s Safe::Cloud data backup service is enterprise grade, cross platform, highly secure, and readily available for data recovery. Safe::Cloud automatically and continuously backs up data from your servers, laptops, and desktops, to storage at your location and a secure data center. Backing up your laptop when traveling is simply a matter of connecting to the internet. Recovering your backed up data is a simple do-it-yourself process on your computer or through a web browser from any computer. Safe::Cloud is truly “set it once and forget it” data backup.

Mail :: Cloud

Tired of email not working the way you need it to? Do you have to clean up your email on multiple devices? Do you have multiple email accounts that are cumbersome to manage? Is your email difficult to manage? TechOne Centre’s low cost Mail::Cloud service combines enterprise grade IMAP or Exchange hosting, email migration services, email workflow optimization, email filtering, and domain name setup services. Get setup with reliable and easy to use email for your business.

Daylite :: Hosting

Does your business use Marketcircle’s award winning Daylite? TechOne Centre provides high- performance hosting services for your Daylite database. Avoid the hassles and costs of setting up your own server and have easy access to your Daylite data from your Macs and iOS devices from anywhere.
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“TechOne Centre works proactively to minimize the need for support, while providing rapid response support when it becomes necessary.”